Injury Prevention….its what we do.


Both our Gold and Platinum level coaching packages include injury care.    And that’s important because somewhere between 20-80% of all runners will have some sort of injury on an annual basis.

It’s important that your running coach know a thing or two about injuries.  And we do.

Coach Stephanie is an orthopedic physical therapist who has been working with runners for 20 years.   Her focus in the clinic is on rehabbing injuries and then developing a customized strengthening and neuromuscular re-education program to prevent that injury from ever happening again.    Yet for our coaching clients, we begin the prevention process from Day One.

Prevention and being proactive are always better than being reactive.   We would rather spend a good amount of time and focus on developing your most efficient and resilient body from the beginning than treating an injury once it has already happened.     We pride ourselves in the number of runners that we coach who are injury free at any given time.

Injury prevention means a solid, customized strength training program designed around your specific needs.    What are your prior injuries?   What does your current running form look like that might be contributing to those injuries?  Where do you get achy at the end of your speed work?


We focus on the strength program as that is our #1 way to prevent injuries.


Do elite ultra runners really need strength training programs?

Here are some words of wisdom from Zach Bitter..     He is currently the record holder for the fastest 100 miles in US history at 11:47.

“I strongly believe in and incorporate strength training into my training regimen.   This enhances recovery, injury prevention, and overall wellness into a sport that can be crippling at times.”

“My weight training transformed me into a highly injury resistant, biomechanically efficient runner.    I believe this is the primary reason that I am able to race on hard flat surfaces without any overuse injuries.”