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Suzi Swinehart is a Guiness World Record holder, multiple time Badwater winner, Western States finisher, and holds various course records all around the country.

Dr. Stephanie Amspaugh is an orthopedic physical therapist, strength and conditioning specialist, certified holistic nutrition coach,  and human performance geek.

Together, we are Evolve Performance Running

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2021 Badwater 135

The Training Finding the right balance to prevent over-training is never easy. As the body ages it doesn’t always tolerate the same intensity of training as it once did. This …

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The Fartlek

This fun-to-say workout tends to give people some confusion. No, if you run a fartlek the person behind you doesn’t need to hold his breath. The word ‘fartlek’ is a …

The Value of the Tempo Run

If there’s one type of training run I would recommend over all others, no matter if you are a miler, a marathon runner or an ultramarathon runner, it is the …