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Suzi Swinehart is a Guiness World Record holder, multiple time Badwater winner, Western States finisher, and holds various course records all around the country.

Dr. Stephanie Amspaugh is an orthopedic physical therapist, strength and conditioning specialist, certified holistic nutrition coach,  and human performance geek.

Together, we are Evolve Performance Running

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I sat in the dreaded chair 92 miles into the Indiana Trail 100 ultramarathon. I was shivering uncontrollably, huddled as close as humanly possible to a space heater twice my …

Running with Joy

I have been running ultras since December of 2008. Almost 10 years to the day that I ran my very first ultramarathon, the HUFF 50K, I will toe the line …

From Devastation to Hope

  It seems to be a pattern for me these days.    I seem to go into a race after a highly stressful week.   The week prior to the Erie …